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  • Mortgages for borrowers with small deposits

    Posted on: Tuesday 26th February, 2019 and filed in: Mortgage News

    Mortgages for borrowers with small deposits, or high LTV mortgages, have been in the news a lot recently, as First-Time buyers have staged something of a comeback over the past few months. Even though it has been hard not to get swept up in the swathes of political nonsense going on at present, with MPs […]

  • Divorce & Mortgages

    Posted on: Tuesday 22nd January, 2019 and filed in: Mortgage News

    After the madness of the Christmas period and the over-indulgence, many of us hit the gym, start the diet or become Vegan for 5 minutes, vowing that this year will be different. One of the other fallouts of this period is the sad fact that many decide this will be the last Christmas spent with […]

  • First-Time Buyers – Bank Statements & Spending

    Posted on: Thursday 13th December, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    First-Time Buyers have a lot of questions, and rightly so. The mortgage market can seem to be a weird and scary place, fraught with different criteria, nonsensical jargon and so-called “experts” telling you what to do. Then you have press coverage, a wealth of house prices indices and friends with tales of woe about how hard […]

  • The latest mortgage eligibility checker

    Posted on: Friday 26th October, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    There has been more innovation in the last 18 months, than in the last 18 years in the mortgage industry, and this new tool, the mortgage eligibility checker is an interesting development https://creditmatcher.experian.co.uk/mortgages/search Anything that gives the buyer more information has to be a good thing. However, on reviewing this new tool, we would advise […]

  • What is a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage?

    Posted on: Thursday 18th October, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    With first-time buyers still struggling to get onto the property ladder, many are joining forces with their partners, friends and family to combine two deposits and incomes. Aimed at bridging the gap between salaries and property prices, and with the government’s 3% stamp duty surcharge on 2nd homes being introduced, Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgages applications […]

  • 7 great reasons to contact your adviser

    Posted on: Friday 31st August, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    Your circumstances have changed In a very short time your circumstances can change significantly. Many life events can come and go without you considering the implications they could have on your mortgage or on your protection needs. If you think something may have changed that is of importance, such as marriage, having children, a change […]

  • Don’t Joke on Bank Statements & Social Media

    Posted on: Friday 20th July, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    When friends transfer money to each other sometimes they put in joke references or something naughty and unprintable. What many potential borrowers do not quite realise is how seriously mortgage underwriters look at things that many of us take for granted. Ultimately, they are looking at whether you are a worthy candidate to lend a […]

  • A beginner’s guide to Re-mortgaging

    Posted on: Friday 22nd June, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    What is re-mortgaging? Re-mortgaging is the process of switching a mortgage to a different lender without moving homes. For many borrowers, it is also the ideal opportunity to review their personal and financial circumstances and to consider whether their current mortgage and lender is the most suitable for them. What are common reasons to re-mortgage? […]

  • Do you know what your credit score is?

    Posted on: Friday 27th April, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    Your credit score can affect your ability to borrow money or access products such as credit cards and loans. Everyone can check their credit score for free. One of the easiest ways to check your score is by clicking on the following link: https://www.checkmyfile.com/?ref=acorn4mortgages&cbap=1 If it looks like your score isn’t as good as it […]

  • Top Tips for 1st Time Buyers

    Posted on: Friday 26th January, 2018 and filed in: Mortgage News

    Buying your first house in today’s property climate is no easy task, but it is certainly a rewarding one. Millennials don’t have it all on a plate, and it takes a lot of determination. Whilst you might see buying your first home as a long way off, it’s never too early to begin preparing. You […]

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