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Find a mortgage with first class mortgage advice from us. We guarantee to give all of our clients the most appropriate and reliable financial advice.

Buying a property can be a big decision

It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from competent and qualified advisers. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage or purchase a second home, our advisers are here to help.

A mortgage is a special loan for buying property, where the property is security for the loan. Paying back the mortgage includes capital (the amount borrowed) plus interest.

Traditional mortgages are arranged over a 25 year term with payments due monthly. Changing the term length will change the amount due each month.

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Repaying a mortgage

Repayment mortgage – where you pay back part of the capital as well as the interest due each month
Interest only mortgage – where you only pay the interest on the loan each month and pay off the capital at the end of the loan term

Different interest rates

  • Fixed rate – you pay a set rate for a set period of time with no changes.
  • Variable rate – the monthly repayments can go up and down according to the lender’s interest rate, usually linked to the Bank of England base rate.
  • Tracker rate – a variable rate linked to the Bank of England base rate by a fixed amount.
  • Discount rate – a variable rate that is discounted from the lender’s standard rate as a short-term offer.
  • Capped rate – a variable rate where your payments are capped at an agreed rate, even if the interest rate goes higher. A ‘collar’ is a variation of the capped mortgage, where there is a rate below which your mortgage cannot fall.
  • Flexible mortgages – usually a variable rate mortgage, with flexible features such as allowing overpayments and varying amounts and timing of monthly payments.

If these terms leave you confused, don’t worry – we are here to help.

A fee for mortgage advice will be charged on completion of your mortgage. This fee will typically be £300 up to a maximum of £500. We will receive commission from the lender in addition to the fees you pay.


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